We are compelled to contribute towards a sustainable future for the people of Africa.


Harambee Group recognises that it needs international grant funding partners to work with the private sector in order to augment the serious financial shortfalls to enable South Africa to maintain its position as the regional economic power in Africa. The challenges we face is to pick a path of change that is sufficiently incremental to be plausible, yet sufficiently rapid to save the processes we have embarked upon to contribute to change in Africa.

Harambee Group acknowledge that grant funding is currently part of a new and much broader domain, brought about by the desire to effect long lasting socio-economic development solutions in emerging economies like South Africa. Therefore, this puts grant funding within a context of reconciliation, empowerment, transformation and sustainability. Harambee has from inception of this process as facilitator, committed all its resources and associate partnerships to make this socio-economic development initiative a success.

It is our firm believe that as much as there are challenges, though some of them are artificial, Harambee are compelled to stay the course to contribute towards a sustainable future for the people of Africa. In short, we need to rise above the challenges of today to respond to the broad issues of socio-economic development to create self-sufficient communities. The driver of this shift in attitude is the increasingly powerful spotlight now on us to respond by images of vibrant cultures, resourcefulness and self-reliance.

The failures of public sector led development have been brought into sharp focus in recent years by the rise of families, men, women and children who go to bed without food, sometimes this lasts for days. This phenomenon has the undertones of lack of proper education and training.

The faces of the people of Africa crying out for help, beckons us all to find ways to do better, to be smarter, to move faster and to develop whatever capacity and partnerships we lack as we prepare ourselves for the long road ahead.