We are compelled to contribute towards a sustainable future for the people of Africa.


HARAMBEE GROUP wishes to acknowledge their intention to identify with Africa’s development needs. South Africa in particular is recognised as one of the new economies in the world and is perceived to be the regional economic power in the African continent, hence its inclusion within the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Group of Nations.

However, the country has a challenge of a restive society that demands infrastructure and service delivery to the populace that is consistent with other developing democratic nations. The challenge therefore, is a significant backlog in infrastructure and rehabilitation of major water and sewerage pipe-lines, roads and housing stock etc.

The reality is that South Africa is contending with an infrastructure backlog and other competing socio-economic demand, with limited funding available directly from the fiscus. The insufficiency from the small tax base is stretched beyond limit as a result the thread of service delivery strikes and demonstrations is a reality in South Africa, this may potentially increase in nature to civil disobedience.